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It was 2001 when I moved to Boston, and 18 months later, after the dot-com boom had turned to bust I left and spent a year coming home the long way. This site told some of that story and the things I saw and the friends I met.

It's been many years years since the last update, so time to call it a day. Everything I wanted to do with the BostonCube can now be done much more easily with social media sites, and to be honest, a lot more cheaply too.

The site was originally coded in classic ASP, which eventually went out of support. It was converted to static pages and moved to a new server, and then at some point it looks like the whole lot got wiped. Perhaps one day I'll get the urge to rewrite the CubeEngine in a modern scripting language. Or more likely I'll install a 3rd-party CMS and start again. Who knows?

Untill then, farewell.